Our Core Values

Obtaining a fresh starts for our clients is the cornerstone of our business. We are here as advocates giving home, peace and a fresh start for those going through financial hardship.

Through compassion, sensitivity and dedication for each client the team at AFS treats every situation with the highest level of integrity. Our clients always know and feel that we are on their side and that AFS will persevere to obtain the Fresh Start they deserve.

First and foremost getting the job done ethically with respect and loyalty is our primary responsibility. Being cognizant of the fact that each situation brings its own challenges we always recognize that our client's outcome is paramount and is the only thing that truly matters.

America's Fresh Start (AFS) is a company focused on assisting Homeowners, Realtors, Attorneys and Lenders to obtain the best result while working through the Foreclosure Process. AFS will lead and manage the processes and maintain good communications with all parties involved in the transaction all the way to closing.

Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to helping homeowners. Former Realtors, mortgage company employees and administrators our combined experience makes us a powerhouse that make sure every possible angle is examined to help homeowners get their Fresh Start.

Courtney Younghans

President and Head of Negotiations 

Mrs. Younghans has a bachelors from Arizona State University and has been in Real Estate and Loss Mitigation for over 16 years. She has worked nationwide and has a vast knowledge of the interworkings of most of the large mortgage servicers.

Dorothy Younghans


Mrs. Younghans has been working in loss mitigation for the last 14 years. She has worked in both loss mitigations and short sales and even worked for one of the largest mortgage companies in the US. This experience allows her to truly understand the inner workings of the mortgage companies and she applies that knowledge to assist our homeowners.

Edward Tonero

Founder & CEO

Mr. Tonero is the Founder of AFS. He holds an MBA from Seton Hall University, he began his career as a Real Estate Salesperson and has served on the senior staff of four of the Largest Real Estate firms in New Jersey.

Julie Stockwell 

Affiliate Agent and Marketing Manager

Ms. Stockwell is amazing

Sue Ferdinand

Manager of Processing Administration

Acutely aware that our clients are often confused and traumatized by the foreclosure process, Sue patiently guides them through the sometimes formidable information-gathering and organizing phases of their short sales. A mother and grandmother, Sue brings over three decades of real estate sales and management experience to each transaction. She is a graduate of Mt. Holyoke College and Seton Hall University, with graduate work at The Univ. of Cago and NYU.